Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson.

Talent, Grace, Dedication... A true legend died today. The moment i saw it on Tv, the world stopped. I have always thought of this day ever since i was young. I even remember bringing up the conversation to my dad a few weeks ago, "It will be so sad when Michael Jackson dies, because he is one of the biggest legends of our time." Although people view him as a negative figure in our american pop culture, they seem to be blind to the many positive things he brought to us. His talents in dancing, singing, and loving were always things that stuck out to me. People say, "You aren't allowed to be sad and post it all over twitter/facebook/blogspot (etc.) because you weren't even a FAN! And now all the sudden he dies and you've become his BIGGEST fan!" This to me is just vulgar. There are a lot of people that we respect in our time who made some kind of impression in your life such as a Michael Jackson song Binging moment to bring you a bit of happiness in your life. and Come on, i know you've tried doing the thriller dance at least ONCE in your life! But, No, i don't know much about his life or even all of his music at all. But what i do know, is that he showed his music genius side to the world with the courage of being himself, and being different. And that is one of the many things i idolize about him. The thing that makes me sad, is that these past few years of his life only went down hill. Starting with his race-transformation and constantly getting shit from it, to his nose jobs and plastic surgery, and then to the whole molesting little boys thing. These actions lead to many strong against michael. And to watch footage of him being flocked by haters and fans, sounds like a sucky life to me. I heard an interview from a family member who even said that he couldn't trust anyone other than his family, because everyone else has let him down by exposing his personal life. But even with all this negativity, he never quit because for a while he has been preparing for a large tour in london. That is something i would have loved to see. But unfortunately the people attending all of those + 50 sold out shows worth have to be let down. And it makes me so sad, that while he was finally making his comeback, his life ended.  But Michael will never die, he will live on forever with his songs and videos. 


AND THINK ABOUT THIS: this was all before auto-tune. 
(that ones for you Tony Martino)

Expose Me.

There's nothing more that i hate Then a one way road of a conversation. 
What kind of game am i in? is my life just not interesting enough that i must remain the mystery that no one cares to crack? I guess i just don't give the mysterious vibe which draws people in to go all googley-eyed over the wonders of my existence. 
I want to be exposed to a wondering matter. Is that so wrong? 
I am an expert listener with a open armed shoulder and my carry on phrases are first place winners. 
But I'm only seen as a wall to throw your baggage at. Another person who cares but cant compare to the love you left on your shelf. 
Cause she's so perfect. 
So damn perfect. 
And who am i? to hate the fact that she's so damn perfect. 
Because everything will be okay cause 
she's oh my god so perfect

Throw your name that you carved in the bark of the tree last week. Just throw it all away. Because today, you are brand new. Today, the past is erased so we can re-live our mistakes. 

Sunday, June 21, 2009


"Damned if i do ya, damned if i dont"

It is a phrase that is more than just sex. 
It can also relate to other things...

Such as... friendships?

decisions decisions those "lovely" decisions. 

They're only made for the better. 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rebound To Your Enemy. It Will Only Make You Distant.

I never repost, but i really liked this entry. because its true.

truth #59

Narcissistic queen, you are killing me. You are really good at apologizing and making people feel bad for you. But I won’t fall for it. I know this path all too well. It’s hard to watch someone you love sink into things that you both used to joke and laugh about.

Its funny... because I ran into a tragedy today where I could put this into my own words. I sometimes don't get how someone can change one moment with strong opinions, and then slowly contradict themselves by turning into the person they used to be. They hate who they used to be. So why be that again? It might just be because that is the most comfortable they can be with themselves. Knowing their life living fake is only to get hand in hand with the important people who will make you seem on a higher level than the others down low, the others you used to  see and then DREAMED that someday, someday that lucky girl you witness get on that bus, taxi, limo, whatever, would be you. So they change to be their so called dream, but then eventually rebound into old news, Sinking to the level of being the target once again. The target of their own aim. 

When will it ever be right?

And your apologies... So planned out. They say practice makes perfect. But sometimes in situations, practices of certain kinds only kill you more. We know
you have a high level degree of apologizing, because its known as your religion, your only constant practice.. But you've bought yourself too many simple 
tickets through. Those words just hit like bricks on a wall now. So whats your next hopeless aim? Because we sure don't pity you.