Thursday, June 25, 2009

Expose Me.

There's nothing more that i hate Then a one way road of a conversation. 
What kind of game am i in? is my life just not interesting enough that i must remain the mystery that no one cares to crack? I guess i just don't give the mysterious vibe which draws people in to go all googley-eyed over the wonders of my existence. 
I want to be exposed to a wondering matter. Is that so wrong? 
I am an expert listener with a open armed shoulder and my carry on phrases are first place winners. 
But I'm only seen as a wall to throw your baggage at. Another person who cares but cant compare to the love you left on your shelf. 
Cause she's so perfect. 
So damn perfect. 
And who am i? to hate the fact that she's so damn perfect. 
Because everything will be okay cause 
she's oh my god so perfect

Throw your name that you carved in the bark of the tree last week. Just throw it all away. Because today, you are brand new. Today, the past is erased so we can re-live our mistakes. 

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