Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Mind Endeavors

And maybe you'll never know
There's a life inside this mind. 
I feel every step i take down the street
And i feel pain for the shoes that are too small.
Im a sucker for the luck i never win
But hey i still believe there's one day. someday.
and thats where i imagine things 
thing that could never happen on no occasion of this night.

And you'll never even appreciate that i appreciate you
Some say that i'm breaking all time
But time is all i've got to waste
Because maybe the dream is pleasure to reach
When this mind gets going
it never ever stops
So caution to you
the unknown character
my mind's little secret...
Like a bat out of hell
You charge through more than anyone cares to know
if only you'd notice the kind of life thats inside this mind.

Monday, August 17, 2009



My 3:30 AM thoughts

Honest lyrics are more than just words coming from the heart...
But Un-cliché words that you are not afraid to say. 
Some weird phrase that comes up in your mind
Something that has never been said before. 

The best part of believe is the lie

or would you rather hear a song that goes

i wanna feel you i wanna touch youuuuuuuuuu
i look at the sky and think of you. 

But sometimes there are rediculous lyrics that are just plain stupid like

Kiss me through the phoooneee

and thats all the song sings. And then some sexual annoying sounds that are tracked repeatedly afterwards. 

Honesty and originality is what makes a person stand out. 

But when you are honestly trying to hard to be original where it shows your desperate..
its embarrassing. 

Listening to musicians like
Regina Spektor
Fall Out Boy
Manchester orchestra
This is me smiling
Panic! at the disco...

I am starting to really like my variety of musicians i like.

Talent or Talentless... people work really hard on the music they make, and no matter what they throw passion at it... but i guess the successful ones are just the chosen ones who hit the nail on the head on peoples current day feelings towards their lives, that the lyrics and beats happen to make a connection with their current day lives.

now i don't even know what I'm typing out cause i am half asleep... but i had this conversation with some one earlier and i've been cursed with thinking on it all day. 

Saturday, August 15, 2009

To you.

To you
Im just a number.
Im another face in the crowd.
A person you fake a friend
To be used for living needs.
Im just the extra conversation
On a Quiet lonely day
Im the dinner date 
only for your empty stomach
You'd expect id felt the same
And To look up and see your presence
Is for the phrase to keep
The experience to live off of
The experience to keep the money flowing
Through the hands of my peers
Im the snooze button whenever your buisy
And to you,
Im a fan. not a friend.

To me
Your a talented individual
Your a memory that reminds me of my great past
An example of flaws that fall into my category as perfect
One who leads the right way of living
Yet went down the wrong path
A person i view as a good friend
One who holds a good conversation
After a crazy day of life
A pure example of the one who acts caring
But has better things to do then risk time for friendships
Your words can stop me in my tracks 
Because what i give is care for a genuine pal
And to me,
You are a friend. Not a fan. 

If only you knew
What I knew. 

Thursday, August 13, 2009

When does it start?

It sort of breaks my heart that i've never been in love. I know I'm only in high school, but i just want to experience a high school sweetheart. People say that its not that big of a deal, but it is. To have a friend to hang out with, and you look forward to just simply watching a movie. Or just lying outside looking up at the stars. Everyone i know who is in love is just happy. So what am i missing out on? Curiosity kills and I'm ready to finally start living my life sometime. But i hate the wait. So then what do i do? keep my pace on sitting around waiting for something to happen? because it really doesn't seem as opportunities are close to mine. I don't know how much longer this will take, but any longer i feel like it'll be the end of it for me. I really believe therefore ill just be alone for a while. 

Monday, August 10, 2009

This is a scene

I just had the best night of my summer

it all started out with a movie
That movie transformed into a night full of quoting hilarious lines
Those hilarious lines transformed into facebook status updates in tweets

and then dun dun dun

Ironically at the same time, there is a party that most likely was formed or advertised to shove it in peoples faces that they weren't in the clique of friends anymore.

and then that quote "operation: Im so there its insane!" ironically looked as a "Operation: IM GONNA CRASH YOUR PARTY"

Paranoia is a beast we like to play along with

Well we don't have energy, time, or effort to literally crash a party

but its pretty easy to tweet "If you washed your car today, it was a waste" 

And a funny thing is that I went to jewel with Jess to pick up bananas for my work, and she took a picture of the 5 bunches in my hands. 

ahaha funny thing, it matches with our bitch theme of the day
Pranks with bananas? never heard of it... But why else would you be holding a stack of bananas in your hand? 


Good thing Karmas a bitch and ended that party early anyways. 

And that early ended party turned into a night of bitch fights over twitter and aim.

I can feel the heat of the summer. 

And i'm loving every single bit of it

Because the truth is

All i had do do was do nothing to form such a crazy-filled-paranoia night. 

I am confident that I did absolutely nothing wrong. :D

all i can say is i love my family so much
and i love she's the man for starting this whole scene

Friday, August 7, 2009

Amazing Video...

Check it. I love videos like this.