Monday, August 10, 2009

This is a scene

I just had the best night of my summer

it all started out with a movie
That movie transformed into a night full of quoting hilarious lines
Those hilarious lines transformed into facebook status updates in tweets

and then dun dun dun

Ironically at the same time, there is a party that most likely was formed or advertised to shove it in peoples faces that they weren't in the clique of friends anymore.

and then that quote "operation: Im so there its insane!" ironically looked as a "Operation: IM GONNA CRASH YOUR PARTY"

Paranoia is a beast we like to play along with

Well we don't have energy, time, or effort to literally crash a party

but its pretty easy to tweet "If you washed your car today, it was a waste" 

And a funny thing is that I went to jewel with Jess to pick up bananas for my work, and she took a picture of the 5 bunches in my hands. 

ahaha funny thing, it matches with our bitch theme of the day
Pranks with bananas? never heard of it... But why else would you be holding a stack of bananas in your hand? 


Good thing Karmas a bitch and ended that party early anyways. 

And that early ended party turned into a night of bitch fights over twitter and aim.

I can feel the heat of the summer. 

And i'm loving every single bit of it

Because the truth is

All i had do do was do nothing to form such a crazy-filled-paranoia night. 

I am confident that I did absolutely nothing wrong. :D

all i can say is i love my family so much
and i love she's the man for starting this whole scene

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