Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Mind Endeavors

And maybe you'll never know
There's a life inside this mind. 
I feel every step i take down the street
And i feel pain for the shoes that are too small.
Im a sucker for the luck i never win
But hey i still believe there's one day. someday.
and thats where i imagine things 
thing that could never happen on no occasion of this night.

And you'll never even appreciate that i appreciate you
Some say that i'm breaking all time
But time is all i've got to waste
Because maybe the dream is pleasure to reach
When this mind gets going
it never ever stops
So caution to you
the unknown character
my mind's little secret...
Like a bat out of hell
You charge through more than anyone cares to know
if only you'd notice the kind of life thats inside this mind.

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