Monday, August 17, 2009

My 3:30 AM thoughts

Honest lyrics are more than just words coming from the heart...
But Un-cliché words that you are not afraid to say. 
Some weird phrase that comes up in your mind
Something that has never been said before. 

The best part of believe is the lie

or would you rather hear a song that goes

i wanna feel you i wanna touch youuuuuuuuuu
i look at the sky and think of you. 

But sometimes there are rediculous lyrics that are just plain stupid like

Kiss me through the phoooneee

and thats all the song sings. And then some sexual annoying sounds that are tracked repeatedly afterwards. 

Honesty and originality is what makes a person stand out. 

But when you are honestly trying to hard to be original where it shows your desperate..
its embarrassing. 

Listening to musicians like
Regina Spektor
Fall Out Boy
Manchester orchestra
This is me smiling
Panic! at the disco...

I am starting to really like my variety of musicians i like.

Talent or Talentless... people work really hard on the music they make, and no matter what they throw passion at it... but i guess the successful ones are just the chosen ones who hit the nail on the head on peoples current day feelings towards their lives, that the lyrics and beats happen to make a connection with their current day lives.

now i don't even know what I'm typing out cause i am half asleep... but i had this conversation with some one earlier and i've been cursed with thinking on it all day. 

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