Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taylor Swift...

Taylor swift makes us think fairy tales can come true...
i bet in 100 years there will be a disney princess at disney world
and the character will be princess Taylor Swift.
She's the most real out of any other celebrity out there though. 
so far. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Thats okay
I'm fine
I have other _______
Go ahead and be that way
cause my life motto lately is
I can be valuable
believe it or not
I don't care about stupid things
and I'm not worthy to argue anymore.
as a hobby like a game
I want to fly airless with the people who return
favors and smiles and gifts of kindness hearts
not a lazy day fallback of wishes and doubts
And I'm just sure glad i have you dear
because your the only thing
i have ever done right

Im no Chaser
I just float in pure space

Friday, May 22, 2009

i am shouting for help.

I dont like to say this
but it is only the truth. 
this really sucks.
i know who i am and i know where im supposed to be
it is not here and it is not with these people. 
The intellectual artists with true veiws on life and the world
are the ones who strike me as fancy. 
I dont care about how good your weed is...
i dont care about your kick ass party you threw...
i dont care about your crazy dui
and i dont care about you lazy college days.
It truly is disgusting that people can sink so low onto a level
where their favorite moment of the week
is when they made mac and cheese to fulfill their munchies. 
as an observer of these situations i can tell honestly from my soul 
that i am meant to be good and set
i am meant to fall in love with the boy i once doubted
he who keeps running through my mind day in and day out
and i dont even know you anymore
it hurts to know i let such a beautiful person down
and i dont even know why i didnt give as much effort as i should have...
because i find it rare to find a person who lives and strives hard to reach their goals
and fulfills life by true laughs and smiles. 
the real deal
it is. 
and i was just dumb enough to let it pass on by. 
but those things dont control my life
but i feel like my life is going out of control
changing to a new routine...
i am shouting for help
because i dont know what im going to do
when i have to take the lonely road. 
please help me survive
if only i could hear that comforting voice again. 
it will put me to sleep to dream the beauty of what was once

Monday, May 18, 2009

Genuinely good day

I live for days like i had today
where its nonstop doing something
technology doesn't corrupt our lives
and we live inside the world were in for the moment
not holding back on screaming out car windows  to the boys driving aside
laughter will be my language 
when i live for days like i had today


Sunday, May 17, 2009

dying for summer to start....

There's some one thing that will always make my heart melt. and i miss it. Im just excited that summer is around the corner. I can go back to living again. with new things in store :P

On another note... i got my prom dress today :) Its HOTT PINK. Im glad i finally have something to look forward to :) 

Friday, May 15, 2009


How can I hold this heavy head high 
if its hailing boulders? 
Weaving through a lightning storm 
doesn't seem like some game, 
but that is what you are... 
a game... 
a tricky game where you are always the winner. 
You hold the throne to determine the weather 
and on your call the wind will blow 
as you sit and watch the houses fall to pieces. 
If life is your disagreement 
then words will be hidden behind rhymes 
for the simple hope that your enemy will translate it into critisizm 
dropping the world off of your shoulders. 
The poets of the world are all guilty as charged. 
But if you assume that the sun will come out... 
one day, it may, 
but thats not until we do the rain dance 
to make it want to shine.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Climbing the Ladder With a Pair of Heels and Shades

When I'm standing on a ladder
And your standing on the ground
From down below i look so high up
but when you reach my level upon these rungs
maybe you can see its more of fear than courage
that makes it look so fierce behind these shades.
they really were to keep the sun out
because the sun turns out to be hot hot hot
when at first you think its just a beautiful star
but as you climb up 
higher and higher
you burn from your trust of the blinding beautiful light
Not even the brightest star will grant your wishes
because trust is an issue we all have to face
they turn into your demons which you never wished to fight
over and over they will shout to come down
because the higher you climb the longer the fall
turns into less pain from this all

so just take off your own shades
and expose those tears
for maybe then i will climb back down
so we can all face our longing cheers
being so high isn't always what it seems
so face me like the angel
whom i know is within your means

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please read to me the definition of a friend.

She says hey hello how are you friend
and i just look at her and say
find me the definition of friends
and tell me again that i am such
a fool 
you are such a fool for thinking
i am such a fool for wasting
hearts on more for bitter tasting
i taste you i taste you
and its this sour sweet 
that kept me on my feet

maybe effort should be given 
to keep a so called friend. 
i am not going anywhere further 
but i am not running back either. 
im stuck in your ice age
until you need me for foolish shoulders
make me feel like I'm worth it 
to waste away my sighs of silent nights

the victims that you shot down 
are really all oh kay
please don't scream 
in the little baby boy's ear
there will be no answer back
only because of fear