Friday, May 22, 2009

i am shouting for help.

I dont like to say this
but it is only the truth. 
this really sucks.
i know who i am and i know where im supposed to be
it is not here and it is not with these people. 
The intellectual artists with true veiws on life and the world
are the ones who strike me as fancy. 
I dont care about how good your weed is...
i dont care about your kick ass party you threw...
i dont care about your crazy dui
and i dont care about you lazy college days.
It truly is disgusting that people can sink so low onto a level
where their favorite moment of the week
is when they made mac and cheese to fulfill their munchies. 
as an observer of these situations i can tell honestly from my soul 
that i am meant to be good and set
i am meant to fall in love with the boy i once doubted
he who keeps running through my mind day in and day out
and i dont even know you anymore
it hurts to know i let such a beautiful person down
and i dont even know why i didnt give as much effort as i should have...
because i find it rare to find a person who lives and strives hard to reach their goals
and fulfills life by true laughs and smiles. 
the real deal
it is. 
and i was just dumb enough to let it pass on by. 
but those things dont control my life
but i feel like my life is going out of control
changing to a new routine...
i am shouting for help
because i dont know what im going to do
when i have to take the lonely road. 
please help me survive
if only i could hear that comforting voice again. 
it will put me to sleep to dream the beauty of what was once

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