Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please read to me the definition of a friend.

She says hey hello how are you friend
and i just look at her and say
find me the definition of friends
and tell me again that i am such
a fool 
you are such a fool for thinking
i am such a fool for wasting
hearts on more for bitter tasting
i taste you i taste you
and its this sour sweet 
that kept me on my feet

maybe effort should be given 
to keep a so called friend. 
i am not going anywhere further 
but i am not running back either. 
im stuck in your ice age
until you need me for foolish shoulders
make me feel like I'm worth it 
to waste away my sighs of silent nights

the victims that you shot down 
are really all oh kay
please don't scream 
in the little baby boy's ear
there will be no answer back
only because of fear

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