Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Climbing the Ladder With a Pair of Heels and Shades

When I'm standing on a ladder
And your standing on the ground
From down below i look so high up
but when you reach my level upon these rungs
maybe you can see its more of fear than courage
that makes it look so fierce behind these shades.
they really were to keep the sun out
because the sun turns out to be hot hot hot
when at first you think its just a beautiful star
but as you climb up 
higher and higher
you burn from your trust of the blinding beautiful light
Not even the brightest star will grant your wishes
because trust is an issue we all have to face
they turn into your demons which you never wished to fight
over and over they will shout to come down
because the higher you climb the longer the fall
turns into less pain from this all

so just take off your own shades
and expose those tears
for maybe then i will climb back down
so we can all face our longing cheers
being so high isn't always what it seems
so face me like the angel
whom i know is within your means

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