Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just Try To Cry

This is sad
It truly is
And I'm currently searching for the reason
It might be because
As a child they tell you, you will never be the winner
Fairy tales aren't true
And you will never win the lottery
So don't even try
It's stuck in my head that I'll never get the gold
But sometimes
A little light shines bright
And I will reach for it
To the point where I'm on my toes
And then realize its only a firefly passing by
It's light faded before my eyes

They've taught me the confidence of many souls 
And the wise ways of the old
It's been put to good use
Except for the days where I wish I were normal
Where i wish it was we
Who could break, but still have our past to learn from
To rely from
To live from
But in this case it's sans we
There's no such poem
There's no such song
Where we is a factor
For me to sing along

I am the matchmaker
I am the therapist
I am the shoulder
I am the friend
I am the teacher
I am the life
I am the smiles
I am the light
But who can I be
To fill this gap
Cause I keep jumping over it
And I turn to look back
I don't leave with a smile
Yet, I leave with regret
But I guess it is better off
for me to not fret. 

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