Sunday, April 12, 2009

A short passage of passion


“Ahh…” he slowly sighed in confidence. “He decided not to share this time.”

“Gee… I’m sorry. Gah don’t you just wish you could get away from all of this. Parents are so ridiculous. Every answer has no reason attached to it. Its like they don’t realize the soul we have in us.”

“That’s poetic.” He replied, with a half hearted tone. He held glumness with a pinch of happiness behind his eyes.

We shared a glance and it took a while to break it. This moment, right now, was picture perfect. The sun was setting and the breeze through the trees whistled and rattled the perfect summer leaves. An evening like tonight, is the only thing I live for. Even if it wasn’t with someone I deeply loved, it was shared with someone who cared about me. And boy I cared about him too.


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