Saturday, August 15, 2009

To you.

To you
Im just a number.
Im another face in the crowd.
A person you fake a friend
To be used for living needs.
Im just the extra conversation
On a Quiet lonely day
Im the dinner date 
only for your empty stomach
You'd expect id felt the same
And To look up and see your presence
Is for the phrase to keep
The experience to live off of
The experience to keep the money flowing
Through the hands of my peers
Im the snooze button whenever your buisy
And to you,
Im a fan. not a friend.

To me
Your a talented individual
Your a memory that reminds me of my great past
An example of flaws that fall into my category as perfect
One who leads the right way of living
Yet went down the wrong path
A person i view as a good friend
One who holds a good conversation
After a crazy day of life
A pure example of the one who acts caring
But has better things to do then risk time for friendships
Your words can stop me in my tracks 
Because what i give is care for a genuine pal
And to me,
You are a friend. Not a fan. 

If only you knew
What I knew. 

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