Sunday, September 6, 2009

They All Tell Me;

And mama told me,
even if you sing your heart out
you still cant always win.
And the world told me,
It's about your final phrase 
That choose the direction of your next step.
West east south and north
What is this even worth?

But its all about the passion
That keeps us moving for the life we can or can't take
Red or blue pill
The choice of my fate.

And maybe if I push this contagious smile
Then it can spread for miles.
I caught the sickness of an empty place inside
Once called a heart. 
This thing that wants to beat again
And wants to be bundled up in blankets 
around a blaze of passion. 

Cause philosophy told me the point of losing is winning.

And one day, I'm gonna sing my heart out
And I'm maybe gonna win
And mama
Oh, she'll be proud. 

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