Monday, February 8, 2010

how i feel today.

Right now I just want to run away to a forest. I want to get lost. I am so sick of my life here and every day I find no reason to wake. Every day is a constant let down of my hopefuls. I love life but I hate the fact its going no where. My life is on pause because there's just no reason to start anything new anymore... to some people that is. But I want new, I want fresh, I want something out of this routine. I want a reason to breathe and I want a reason to reach for my dreams. But everyone just seems impossible because they keep telling us, "Sorry... you wont be THAT person". Thank you self confidence for sticking to my side... not. There's no reason to be confident because anytime I'm up the next day I'm down because I was let down. My life would be just the same if i slept all day and dreamt about things that I wish would happen to me. I just want to fast forward until next year because i know nothings up for grabs in the near future. People really make me angry when one bad experience stops them from experiencing it ever again until something better comes along. 

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