Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am breaking apart every single day
And the only way I could be fixed
is to be welded back together. 
Crazy glue doesn't last too long on this skin. 
Lately it's been me against the world
when every day I face another breaking news story.

Did you hear any of the words my breath struggled to tell you? 
Or did you think i'd forgotten my own feelings?
Obviously, love is hard to erase
Out of all people, you should know.
But I guess you are free to call me out 
on never really holding that love in my own hands
I just held it in that knotted muscle called a heart. 
So if you wanna dance to his tune
Go right ahead
But when I lay under the night sky
and I see you dancing on the stars
it will bring me down below the ground
So I can be reminded once again
that me and my best friend are polar opposites.
She's the consistent winner
Im the consistent loser. 

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