Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Figures, im really disappointed in you.

Dear Mrs. ______

The funny thing is,
your just like your mother. 
The way you talk, 
the way you dress,
The way you know what your doing is wrong
And it's a bad habit that keeps poisoning your life
But you do it anyway...
Your cries of self pity are all true
and you should keep crying until you grow up.
We have suffered as a family through the hardships in life,
but we don't repeat mistakes as much as you do. 
Go ahead and rake up people for your team.
You never even liked them anyway,
But its obvious now your desperate,
Our slap in your face made you a better person to them.
Well i'm glad you can be a better person with out us. 
Because we don't want you in our life.
You caused an earthquake that should have never shook. 
But our feet trembled and we grew far apart.
With my mind full of anger, all i can say is
That i'm glad this canyon is between us.
You'll just hear my echos a few miles away.
The echo you wished to see the birth of. 
I know you.
And i know your suffering. 

( Have fun listening to my echos of laughter. 
You'll never get it back. )


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