Sunday, July 12, 2009

Someone, Find The Cure.

I saw through my peripherals because I hate the fact I'm looking. 
But I love the fact that your there.
Just one look and my body's turning inside-out. 
These butterflies have the sharpest wings
And I can feel them creep with their gentile arms strolling.
The reality behind this beauty.

To look into the eye of the powerful being
Turns me petrified and cold to the touch.
Turns me to a mess with tapping fingers and fidgeting hands.
I pray you don't see the tears in my eyes.
Because they're not due to sadness
They're not due to happiness
They're due to this illness, this emotion unknown. 
There is no name for what I feel when I see you
It is not love, it is not hate, but a simple way of wishing
A simple way of knowing
Our paths went the wrong ways. 
We messed with justification

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