Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Passion #1 (The Phantom Of The Opera)

Passion #1

The Phantom of the Opera is my number one comfort. I have been listening to it a lot this week. For some reason it is like my lullaby. It puts me into a calm mood after the worst has occurred. It made me remember the time in my life where I watched it every day. I guess I put fourth my passion into objects because I'm cursed at love.... well at least the phantom of the opera will never disappoint me. Ironically i wore my phantom shirt today. And i also own the phantom bracelet and the book. I think I might read it again someday. I even know all the lyrics to the songs . I've seen the broadway play, and that was one of my happy days. Another good memory that phantom brings me is walking out of choir down the long choir hallway with my old friend Erin. We would split the headphones and listen to the 13 minute song "Down Once More" and sing along theatrically to it. I even remember the first time i watched this movie.I was at my uncles apartment and I started watching it halfway through and i couldn't take my eyes off of it. One of my tattoo ideas (if i ever get a tattoo) is probably an art from from something of the movie. Possibly the rose with the black bow? who knows. :D

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