Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life Support.

It's just another hour
It's just another day
It's just another weekend
Where I waste my life away
It's my longest hour
It's my toughest day
And it's just this weekend
Where all I do is pray
Pray that your gonna be okay
You stopped my lifeless breath
and turned it into a true emotion
The pain that wants to turn back this clock
Just so I could've sifted my words into your life
I am living to know that you will be here another day
My eyes are open to every subtle shift
Help me grasp this life which left long ago
Because suddenly time turned into nothing but a word
Time turned into empty space
And I suddenly saw us sitting at our desks
Laughing from the good life. 
Sitting in our closet club
Sitting in that hallway as you let those burdened unspoken words
Unleash from your lips
And I felt God bring our hands together
So we could share our dreams and share our lives
Because we shared past pain
That would always leave that scar
I was your band-aid and you were my crutch
And in that one simple moment. 
In those simple hours
In those simple days
You saw yourself as beautiful.

I'm praying for you Matti

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