Thursday, October 22, 2009

When Heaven's Light Shines...

It's times like these
Where I truly look over my 18 years of life. 
Conversations are taken for granted.
It is so important to keep in contact with the ones you love
Because you never know
One day
The world can randomly take a wide turn.
Sometimes there are distractions
And sometimes there are fights
But in the end none of that is worth it
Because the love you have for someone
Or even the love you once had for someone
Will always remain within you.
Even if you just met them twice
Or even if your relationship went separate ways

The impact of a young life leaving so early
The impact of a loved one leaving too early
Turns into a tree of thoughts

It makes me look at the world through renewed eyes

Rest in peace Liza Whitacre. I met you just twice, and both times I can distinctively remember the smile you had on your face. Especially at the cast party Lauren had for musical during Thoroughly Modern Millie. I remember going to Lauren the next day and telling her about how pretty and nice I thought you were. For some reason, your presence was strong and rememberable, and I will never forget it. 

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