Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's called Hypocrisy.

If you could see this through my eyes
You would definitely agree...
As a matter of fact-- You did see it through your eyes
A short while back
And you took the same path
Except, my story was a little more sympathetic.
Yours was just pathetic. 
It's not about the end
It's not all about me --
But maybe if your reflection shows
You can see who you've turned to be.
Sometimes I wish something could blow down your brick wall...
The stronger you seem to stand
The more it distances us. 

I've really realized; To everyone I've always been just the crawl-back-to-friend when there is nothing for them to cling on to anymore... and I'm counting the days until it happens again. Its a ticking clock and I've memorized the script.
- I just thought you'd be the last person to take your bow. 

So my answer is... Yes you are free to be who you want to be. But you better not expect me to be sitting at the park bench day in and day out and then miraculously be there when you decide to take your lunch break.  If you even send a carrier pigeon once in a while, then That at least shows that you care just a little. And then life would be back in its place. I know your used to a crowd of fans, but thats not me anymore. Sometimes you have to give to get. So I'm stopping myself before my constant living nightmare happens again. You've heard me vent about all of my friends who have done the same thing to me... so what makes me want to stay to watch the show again? There is no stop sign to a change... so whenever you feel free to be that person you used to be... the whole titanic is waiting for you by the ticking clock in the lobby.  

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