Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm Just a penny.

Loosing a best friend;
It turns me inside out like a fever
And even when she's getting close
Not even one phone call
Not even one text
Im not the rock that I used to be.
I was dropped off from the tallest city scraper
Like a single unappreciated penny
And i fell with the rain.

Hey 2 4 6 8
I really do appreciate.
And I'm not a frickin cheerleader
Sometimes they need a little cheering up too. 
But like always
Its just another one sided story.
My dues are up 
And I'm no longer needed
There's the exit, and thank you for visiting.

I wonder what its like to be loved full time
Cause suddenly
The only person who matters is him.
It really is true that you forget the world around you.
Previously on lost
even he was an old friend.

Funny thing is
Through this windy situation
She was transformed as her own worst enemy.
Maybe thats why they were best friends in the first place. 

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