Saturday, October 3, 2009

11 thoughts

1.) "Into The Wild" was a great movie.
2.) I hate the fact I'm witnessing a game being played.
3.) I always seem to hate who I've started.
4.) Money won't buy you happiness.
5.) I was invisible. Now your invisible. 
6.) I'm starting to wonder which is better... Drama or the silent treatment? 
(With drama, ends always meet. The silent treatment leads to a blank)
7.) What would happen if i lived outside with no technology and tried to survive?
8.) Why do I always waste my time trying to make friends with douche bags?
9.) The music scene is a scam. 3/4 of musician's are selfish.
10.) I hate the fact that I am the unlucky one of the bunch so everyone can use me as an example of why they appreciate love. Because it doesn't come easy. 

and 11.) The funny thing is, you'd think this is about this one person, but behind these words is my real life and not the false thing that i wouldn't consider my life. 

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