Wednesday, November 19, 2008


but yet; sometimes it may seem as you have that perfect life for a moment
but then the world just happens to turn around. 
The things that are considered "Perfect" to you... you can't have. 
     I've never been one who has too many "Wants" or "Needs"
Im just here. Living life through water, music, food, and friends. 
I tend to seize any possible moment that I enjoy, which i think is the reason for my happiness. 
But then when i look back and think of what's on the other side of the wall between reality and "lalaland" (Literally), it squeezes my happiness out like a sponge and just makes me worry. And thats my weakness. i seem to worry too much. Like right now i worry that I'm just setting myself up for breaking someone, and also setting myself up for breaking myself. - - my mind hasn't left that issue for a while now and its sort of taking over.
     Impossible is not a word in my dictionary, which can be a problem sometimes. I never really let go of some things, or some one, that i really long for. 
so what i just try to tell myself : I think i'll just wait and see

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