Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Passion in Action.

So i came across this free video download on itunes, ("Beautiful Ones" by Suede), which pretty much explained my passion for film. The music video industry is one of the things i want to get into, because there can be so much meaning and art that goes into a 2 or 3 minute music video. 
After seeing the video "Word disassociation" by Neil Cicierega, I sort of saw how a lot of effort can really be put into a music vid., and since then i have been WAITING for someone (more professional of course) to create a music video that has the same "genius" jist to it. 
Now i believe this song is actually quite old. The vocals arent the best either, but i can say they sound pretty original (or more like.. unique) as a band... and to be honest I know absolutely no history of this band or song at all. But the main thing that caught my eye was the art direction of this video. I really liked it... and I could say it's much like MY style in a way. Hopefully someday I can create something as artistic as this. Now... maybe you don't really think its all that amazing, well thats because i really look into things much different than most people. For instance, when people saw the movie "Twilight", a majority of them HATED it and said it was "nothing like the book"... And the other half LOVED it and said "EDWARD IS A SEXGOD!" ...Okay, well i came out of that movie not focusing on those aspects of the movie, but focusing on, "Wow! That art direction was so amazing!". Thats where i know this is my passion. The unique things are my favorite. And every time i see something new and extreme in a music video... I can really fall into the song and the picture and feel my passion in action.  

*If anyone knows of any music videos that would be good for me to study, HOLLER. I'd love to hear/watch! 

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