Monday, December 1, 2008


For a full week of broken hearts. 
me you and everyone we know
Throw off the rocks that settle on your back
And end the things that drag us on and on
Into a never ending road. 

Just got off a great phone call that figured out everything thats good for me right now. 
... I am too nice and am too afraid to  hurt peoples feelings for what's best for me. 
So tomorrow over coffee and a long drive
I'll finally do the things i need to do. 
Wish for my confidence?

Snow Snow Snow
I can't believe there's snow!
BAD: My sister got in a car accident this morning (but she's okay!)
GOOD: I got to go sledding! it was very fun... and drink hot chocolate. 

& Watched IRON MAN finally, with matt and max.  
(So much temptation.)

Interesting story: someone on my bus had a seizure today. But then she said "oh don't worry about it, its normal... it happens all the time" and then i thought to myself, "Normal?". Im guessing she has epilepsy. How lucky i am to not have to worry about the hardships of life to that extent. And then i heard her say something else that was interesting. Someone asked her a question and she answered. "Well first i was looking at the spirit of my body" and i couldn't hear the rest she was saying. - This comes to the point - - I have been thinking about death and stuff lately (because in american studies we talk about it) and i am so positive there IS something after you die. It has something to do with energy, and your spirit. hmm. things like these make me go into deep thought. 

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