Thursday, December 11, 2008


It hurts. i feel like i could be penny lane one day. 

But it hurts to know its all in game that can be played in fame. 
"I've fallen in love with the wrong person" the young girl says.
"But he inspires me out of all truth that this world can offer". 
Look away, and just remember what you've felt. 
The only thing to keep things good-
Is to walk away before they get bad. 
His words will inspire the world
You don't inspire his words
The world don't inspire you
You do not inspire the world.
"So what am i? a broken record swept away?"
You are the BAND-AID they call it. 
You give the love you feel for them 
Which helps them climb to the top.
There was no garuntee in your position
Nothing but good memories of past times
There was no garuntee in your position
That you were to be remembered and brought along. 
It's the friends along the way
And the world you would have never seen
And the life lessons you can only catch here- 
The place and feeling, we like to call home

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