Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. 
Although i see my family every sunday... 
This particular gathering is special. 
Why? well because its a time that you remember - where you can appreciate what you have. 
Through all the hard times that every family shares, this is a day you remember all of the good times and be thankful that you have a family to share them with. and remember that magic does exist... if you look back on all the young years. If you just believe.  
Everyone is always so into KNOWING THE TRUTH and the reality in EVERYTHING. But just think... was christmas more magical when santa was the biggest thing you looked forward to? So for all you people in this world who just need to know every little thing and wont sit back and relax.... just know, things are much more magical in life if you sit back and relax. and enjoy the show.. :)
A lesson i learned today - If something negative happens... dont go into negative assumptions of WHY. Because you never know. in time - if you just give a positive reaction... you might learn that the happening was never negative in the first place. 


and it might just turn out perfectly. so why bother bad thoughts in the first place?

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