Friday, January 2, 2009


To be honest... I haven't gone for this much help in a long time. I'm glad i did though. There has been so much on my mind from school to boys to friends and i just feel like I'm simply confused . Sometimes... I guess it's okay to go to people for help. People are put in your life for basically being the wall that helps you stay up as you start to fall. 

But heres a toast to year 
2   0   0   9
I really can't imagine what is in store this year. 
There's nothing better 
than a pack of brats
or girls who thing their lonestars.
(But its true).
And there's so much 
that i can recall. 

Knock em out and let them shine.
strike a pose within your eyes. 
your the model of the century. 
your the model of the century.
Say it isn't so
Say it isn't so
Say it isn't so so real.

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