Saturday, January 10, 2009

after-movie night thoughts.

I love the august rush soundtrack.
it has so much passion and the music is written so well. 
I'm listening to it as i type and it just reminds me of the time i first saw this movie
it was so good... I smiled through the whole thing. 
And now thinking about movie theaters... i want to go alone again. 
I went to see TWILIGHT alone, and it was a very different experience.
And i enjoyed it. Just like i sometimes enjoy going to a concert alone. 

So now its snowing and i feel like i just wasted my time shoveling the driveway...
cause it is now caught up with the rest of the snow pretty much again. 

i feel like acoustic

and studying some more out of my dads old photography books. 
he brought home 3 for me... and I'm planning on reading all of them :)

So heres a debate on my mind:
So my english teacher always tries to prove himself as a good person, cause he stands up for what he believes in and sticks strong to his opinions. but in my eyes... this situation was just pure selfishness. So why does he try to teach us his selfish lifestyle? just like he was bragging the fact: 
"So i went to see a movie. i went 45 minutes early... i got my popcorn sitting in the best spot in the theatre with my wife aside of me. It was the perfect seat. right in the center. And then the movie started filling up more and more. Then the commercial previews (with the lights still up) started, and this young couple came into the theatre. About the age of their mid 20's. And then the girl made an announcement to my row, 'Excuse me.. sorry but could everyone maybe move one seat down?" because there was some open single spaces in the row that nobody occupied. and these were the only seats left in the theatre (other than the front row) that her and her boyfriend could sit. Well... I stood up and said "No. I am staying right here! you should have come earlier. I came 45 minutes early to get this seat and i will not move.' And then the boyfriend from across the aisle screamed to his girlfriend, 'You mean he's not moving?' So then ends up they had to go sit uncomfortably in the front. Now class, you see, that is the kind of attitude you need. You need to stand up for yourself  in what you believe in. i mean isn't that ridiculous? this couple expected to come late to a movie and make a whole row scoot down one. And thats hard because you have to gather your coats, drinks, and all of your other belongings and move one seat at a time down the row.
Okay. So. This made me really angry. I don't know why he should be proud of this fact. It seemed as he was causing a scene over nothing. 
A.) The couple came and a normal time that people usually come to movies.
B.) Its ONE SEAT. Is it really that hard?
C.) WWJD?!??! yeah uhuh
I just thought that was the most ignorant and selfish thing i have ever heard coming out of someone's mind. I just wanted to debate with him, but in a class
0f 6o people... I'm sure they would rather get on with school work than waste time on debating over something so stupid.
I guess the hard hit i took towards this subject is something that i have been dealing with lately.
What if it was a couple in their mid 60's. Would he have done the same thing?
Well my guess is probably not. and if he did, thats even worse. But still, does one seat from the center really ruin your experience of a movie? Isn't a movie all
about the movie itself, rather than the luxury of seeing it?

so tell me... what do you think about that?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a jackass.