Monday, January 12, 2009

Summary of my day. (And what's on my mind)

-never shout never has been stuck in my head this whole weekend, continuing on today. 
-I have been constantly singing and playing the piano all day.
-I helped Matt out for posing for Hollister try 0uts. Yes, he was posing shirtless in my house... and it was akward
-I keep jumping around. i think its cause i've had so much sugar today... but wait... i haven't?
-Me and my mom spent time together today and it made me really happy. and then we joked around.. she said i was a bad child cause when we went to jewel i snuck in a 3rd box of mac and cheese. mwahaha.
-So one of my art finals is making a 10 second animation... and mine is about a boy who hates carrots so he throws it over his shoulder and it goes through someone's head. bloo
d. the end.
-I really really think i have ADD. I haven't been able to sit for more than 10 minutes to study. and i have to read all the questions out loud.... in a really loud voice... to get me focused. 
-iiiiiiii Decided not to like him anymore... and it doesn't bug me. People who have no purpose in life are boring. And it's really annoying. and he's an ass. and. idk.
-I threw a blanket over riley to be annoying, like ... a half hour ago... and she is still sitting underneath it. SHES SO WEIRD!
-So i really want to see William Beckett at a public place... cause I seriously think he lives close to me?
-Finals are tomorrow and I'm going to fail them ALL! goodbye GI/CP :(
-Riley finally jumped out from under the blanket. okay she's alive. phew. 
-I think its so strange how i can write on blogspot for like an hour without getting distracted. 
-I have nothing to wear... i s
hould probably do my laundry.
-I am so sorry if you are reading this. but thanks for being interested in my life christina jess and tay. :)
-My mother is addicted to facebook. and shes jealous that my grandma gets more wall posts than her.
-Life is wonderful when my room is clean
-Life is wonderful when my sisters are away at school
-Life is wonderful when the snow is light and bright
-Life sucks when your cold from winter
-Life sucks when you have to take finals
-Life is wonderful when you have finals week (as in, every days a half day)
-Life is SPECTACULAR when you are looking forward to a concert over the weekend. 
-Life sucks when your looking forward to no one
wonderful over the weekend.
-Okay well i want to go watch "Private School' on hulu. Is it good?
-Maybe i should go, like... help the homeless or something. Maybe something good will come out of that?
-Theme Photography yes? i am absolutely in love with this picture. NEW THEMED project for me. 
by sara kiesling

she's one of my inspirations. I love her work. 

And a new themed photo shoot coming soon- 3D

When are you free?

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