Thursday, January 29, 2009


The way you show you're a "Brave soul"
Just shows you are weak
The mind has been nothing but truth
But your lips line lies. 

you say; "everyone should be
Against their natural will.
You should be like me
Because I am an imitation
Of what is seen to be great."

But I have seen your version of "Great"
By the rainy nights of chasing fear
Its when she screams but no one can hear.
It Replays Replays
In my mind
And that my friend
Is why I will never fall into your rabbit hole.

I sense fake when I see it
And at the back of my head its only
beep beep beep. 
when you speak speak speak

Peer pressure
from a simple friend
you are no friend at all. 
Rewind rewind
to the one who used to be
the one who used to be
you used to be

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