Friday, January 30, 2009

25 facts

It's Just Me.

So this facebook thing is going around where people are posting 25 random facts about themselves... and I decided to write it in my blog.

1. My mind sees the world in an artistic way. 
2. I love my family more than anything in the world. Even though I disagree 
     with many of their  actions... they complete me, and give me something to
     live for. 
3. I love music. It basically recharges me to feeling fine. But I feel like I don't 
     love it enough sometimes... because I rarely know the words by heart, and 
     I don't know of many bands. But because I'm not the best at always being in 
     the know, it doesn't exactly mean I don't have passion for the music. There 
     are so many times I see people who have passion for the people,  not exactly 
     the music. That disgusts me. Although the person who is creating the music
      is a huge part of the picture, I just really hate to see people who go to shows...
     and don't watch/listen to the show. They watch whom they adore, and then
     socialize in another room. Part of going to a show is viewing all different kinds 
     of talents that are out there. So Enjoy it while your ears can still hear kids. 
4. I want to pursue photography. People don't believe in me, and I know they 
     doubt me... but I have never felt so much passion for one thing in my life. I 
     can catch myself staring at a photo for a long time... and i can see myself living 
     the happy life being a photographer. The funny part is, I gained this passion 
     through a "one door closes, one door opens" situation. Everything happens for a 
     reason. Your reason may not come right away... but in the long run, you will see. 
5. I am really bad at keeping in contact with people. I think its because I am really 
     bad at talking on aim... so they think I don't care anymore. 
6. I fall for the wrong reasons sometimes. 
7. I learn from each of my mistakes. To the extreme. And the one thing that ticks me 
     off, is when people don't return the favor and believe that they are perfect and have 
     no faults. If so, I refuse your friendship. 
8. I love the show LOST. I recently gained an addiction to it. And TBH... i think my 
     reasons for  loving the show so much is for the fact that it takes my mind into a different 
     world, so i don't have to worry about things that shouldn't be worried about. I worry too 
9. Speaking of addictions... I am addicted to caffeine. If i don't drink it i go through a withdrawal. 
     I get bad headaches and start to sweat, and then my thought process disappears. 
10. I happen to believe I have tourette syndrome. People think i'm bogus and they say I just say 
       I have it cause I "want" it... but ever since I can remember, I have had constant tics...         
       including a vocal one. People always point out that I tic and i don't even notice them 
       anymore because im so used to it. I didn't even know what it was until the summer before 
       8th grade when i went to a camp where it was "tourettes week" and there was a group of 
       kids with tourettes. I felt like I wasnt a strange child anymore. Cause I understood why I 
       always tick. I did research and all of the symptoms match. But my parents refuse to take me 
       to a person to get "tested" or whatever... cause they think its all in my head. 
11. When I turn 18, I'm getting my lip double pierced. You only live once :)
12. I have two dogs Riley and Skittles. If Riley wasn't so cute, i would hate her. People think i 
       abuse riley... but she enjoys being slid across the wood floor! but I don't think she enjoys 
       being kicked down the stairs (coughjessicacough)
13. In 8 years I see myself single, living in a small but cozy apartment doing what I love, 
       photography, and participating in community theatre musicals. I see myself having a TON of 
       friends who all inspire me, and they're gonna come over where i would cook a meal, and then 
       we'd all watch a movie. =] 
14. I plan on going to Columbia... and everyone says that I should look around more... and its 
       too early to decide... but when I visited, it was like love at first sight. That feeling you get 
       when you see the boy who will be your husband one day. 
15. I like to read on my own time. I hate reading for school. 
16. I've been doing pretty good on my new years resolution on not procrastinating. Im proud of 
       myself. :)
17. I have a sixth sense. I know fake when I see it. I can easily tell when people are lying. 
18. I work at an ice cream store and I love it. And I love the fact that I can be around sugar 
       without eating it. 
19. I used to have a food addiction as a wee child. And I was chubby. So speak and gang up on a 
       certain individual in a negative way (who does not deserve it)... then i look down upon you. 
       people who talk smack just are insecure about themselves. I can read people well. 
20. I am a VERY Optimistic positive person. My grandma and mother shoved that down my 
       throat and my life has turned around. I love my life and I am so incredibly happy. 
21. People say I am very wise for my age. and I think its because I became mature pretty fast. 
       But i'm afraid i'm gonna look back and regret my high school years because I didn't live the 
       full "high school experience". 
22. Tell me a secret and I will keep it forever without telling a soul. Talk to me about a 
       problem, and I will tell you what you may or may not want to hear. Take my advice as you 
       please and if not, grow up and learn life is not fair. The only way to grow forward is 
       understanding that you're not perfect, and moving on with the advice that was given, 
       (unless it was bogus advice) I strongly believe in hope, but hope needs 
       to have reason and truth behind it. Or else its one big lie. and nothing is worse than a lie. 
23. I like [Insert name here] because I have never been more comfortable around anyone else.       
       We could go on and on about nothing in our conversations. You make me laugh and i can just 
       picture us having a good time lying under the stars. But I wont wait around, cause its all       
       in your hands. 
24. There are only a few people who are on "The list". and every day my imagination plays a 
       movie of me punching them in the face. I do not believe in violence... but imagining punching 
       someone in the face is a great feeling. :) Its harmless and you can still feel like you did that. 

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Christina Bagladi said...

i believe that you will do great with photography :) i love you lalalanners :)