Thursday, January 22, 2009


So here i was... roaming the blockbuster aisles like i do once a week, looking for a nice classic movie to watch. Mainly my mind was set upon renting "Pineapple Express"... but then something happened. I stopped at the end of the aisle where it met the back of the store. For some reason i turned right, and walked past... LOST. I stopped upon arrival and just thought... "What is so great about this show?". Recently i've heard many praises about this show... and I was convinced that i should watch it. So I took two discs (8 episodes) and rented them. I got home and was eager to watch them. But just one episode. It was late and i had to get to sleep... so my mind was set on just watching ONE. 

I failed. I ended up watching a whole disc. (4 episodes). Luckily i saved myself from watching the rest of them and went to sleep. I continued on watching the rest today. And let me say... I am addicted. There's nothing better than following a great show that has more of a plot than just love affairs and such. 

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