Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, it's good to know at least 2 people read my blog. =]. 

why am i so behind on passion? 
In many ways i can find myself staring at a ceiling 
not feeling anything but the light hitting my pupils. 
I breathe only because they tell me i have to. 
I walk because its where i have to go. 
I stand there not really giving effort
because i don't need to. 
... Well explain to me
Why i had a sudden break through?
Stepping out to run about 
It wasn't like me at this time of day. 
No one was watching, but i did something for me.
if it weren't for rules and regulations
I would be staring at a ceiling the majority of my days. 
But for some reason, i had that extra step that made me want to catch you
To catch you and smile. To feel something new. 
Do i need that new feeling? no. 
Do i rely on that new feeling? no. 
Do i want that new feeling? ... sure
..... Lack of passion.
Is it a disease? Because it scares me sometimes
Wondering if i will end up being okay
Or just regretting. 
Regretting the air i have never breathed
Regretting the ground i have never set a foot
Regretting the way staring at lights
has done nothing but make me blind. 
Blind to see that if i want to
i can. 
But... the question is, DO i want to?
... Lack of passion.
Theres only a few things i've found passion for
But for some reason lately
I have been preparing myself for nothing 
because i feel like its too late. 
But its never too late. 
i just want to sleep. 
. . . l a c k  o f  p a s s i o n 

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