Thursday, November 6, 2008


So tomorrow i head off to Kairos...
Don't know where it is
Don't know who's going
Don't know what's gonna happen
Don't know what my schedule is
Won't know what time it is
Won't know what's happening beyond the walls of this place

Im really excited... yet a bit scared

I hope I'm not expecting too much, because all i hear is how it's so amazing. 
Well I'm just glad i'll be spending my time there with my sister and cousin =]. 

What happens this weekend can change my life, or make my life remain the same... who knows. 

And I'm excited for when I come back, to have a cup of tea with jess and talk about it. 
but I wont be posting on this bulletin what happened, because it is supposed to remain a secret amongst other kairos-ers. 

Oh and fun update - - Jess died my hair today. its a tint of red... i wanted a little bit more red but for now its a good start :) i love it. 

And i don't know how much i can realize, how much i love my friends. 
They really make me love the person I am today. 

I made somebody's day today...
i think he actually looks up to me a bit. It's cute
Because he realized that being the social norm, isn't what you HAVE to be. 
There are better things in life. 

But you know what i have noticed about guys
... they really like to talk about themselves.. ALOT. like they never ask questions to care about a girls life... 
All that matters is theirs. and the girls are just there to listen. Well let me say i love to listen, and i love to be there for people...
But there's this one guy who asks me questions...
I look at him differently.. (in a good way)
... its really cute too. how he cares. and he's interested. 

nice guys win. 

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Sam Ash said...

Kairos is AMAZING.
you'll have a blast.
i loved mine so much, i applied to be a leader for the next one, got it, and had so much fun on that one :]

good luck!