Sunday, November 2, 2008

Its all overrr :(

Well... i actually am pretty sad.
The school musical of my junior year is officially over. 
Although it is only 1/5th of my school year, it sure hits the lottery for being the best part. It depresses me that it will be the last musical EVER with some of the amazing talented people that participated in it. These people were like my family. Even if they gave me a legit reason to hate them, there is no where i could possibly find in my heart to share a dislike or hatred towards any of them. I look up to every single senior that was in the musical this year because they all had one thing in common that they had to offer - - They weren't afraid to be their weird crazy selves. And its freaky how deeply and hidden each and every one of them mean to me, and same way around. Sometimes you really think your just a blob of color is some ones life, because life never gives you the feedback that you always secretly crave for, but it turns out each and everyone of the people involved this year all consist of a masterpiece in my life... For the past few days before the show ended, i was thoroughly convinced that i would be so happy once i got out of that hole where it was just the old bittersweet friends i used to have. But i then looked past all of those old bittersweet friends and realized, yeah they happen to be part of this musical, but what about all of the other amazing people? And once i turned to them, i saw a whole new world. If one person that is important to you doesn't accept you anymore, then don't quit. don't let them be a fence that keeps you locked out of your confidence in making new friends. That was my mistake. So to the crazy two months of odd sexual tension and a tour through hell- - Thank you to all who have participated. I love you all. 

Please take a moment to enjoy these EXTREMELY strange pictures...

This is me. 

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