Monday, February 23, 2009

Mary Fons

So our school had a kickoff to writers week this week, with the first act as Mary Fons. She is quite a wonderful woman. i don't know why she isn't worldwide famous yet. Her style and passion for what she does is exquisite and i think our school is so lucky to have her perform every year. Despite her recent illness she still rocked the show, and even showed her spunky courage, by sharing with us everything about her surgery and her low time of her life. She really shared so many important lessons that will probably stick with me throughout life. Such as the fact that she just went through a life TRAUMA, and still she can hold her head high and say, "I'm gonna make something out of this. I'm going to tell the world about my disease, not so they can feel bad for me, but so they can experience what it means to write, and express yourselves through words and actions". Okay well she didn't actually say that... but if i were to speak for her in this situation... thats what i would say. It is so terrific that she has no boundaries and she seems like a great girl with a great personality, and a very happy life. Another thing she taught me was that there are so many things you can do with writing. And you don't need guidelines to how and what your going to write. You don't need to write necessarily for anyone.... you have all the freedom in the world that you can write for yourself. And since she said, writing just takes a lot of practice... but once you start writing every day, you get better and better and better at it. She pretty much inspired me to start writing even more. (Although i already blog a ton)... So let me tell you... if you are bored and sitting on your ass looking for life inspiration... google/youtube her and just read/watch her stuff. She's a great woman. 

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