Tuesday, February 10, 2009

These are one of those days where i sit outside in the nice weather i've been waiting for for so long. I can just picture it... sitting outside in ten years at my apartment in the city. Sitting on the front stoop steps sipping a hot cup of coffee listening to music watching the city people pass by and go on with their living, or even entering the venue that would be right across the street. And Then i'd also be i-chatting with a friend while painting a picture or sketching. oh yeah and one more thing... i would be wearing a SNUGGY! ... no i am totally just kidding. but that would be intrestingly sweet. 

Okay well here mike wickman is driving into my street... okay he just passed my house. bye mike. okay anway. 

So the sun is slowly setting and my house lights are turning on. The temperature is dropping and i am debating whether based on the weather if i should go inside or stay out. I love the smell of spring. but hah. funny... the last time i checked february was considered winter.... hmm

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