Sunday, March 8, 2009

Black Weekend

This is a very black weekend. 
Friday, my aunt olga passed away. I wish i could've gotten the chance to speak with her about her memories, because she lived through the 20's and the great depression... the 20's is my favorite era of the history of the world. (and we're studying it in american studies right now). Well today is her wake and I think I am going to miss school tomorrow for her funeral. 

And saturday my good friend's best friend passed away after a long struggle to stay alive. He got in an accident with a drunk driver. And he was only about my age. Value life everyone, because he was just too young to pass. 

And the ironic thing I noticed... Whenever someone dies that I know, or I know of... it always Rains.... interesting. 

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brandUn DeShay said...

hey, idk if you even read the comments on this blog but i love pretty much everything you post.

do you have an email?

er someway to reach you? other than comments.... =[