Tuesday, March 31, 2009


GI 2009
So the group interpretation competition ended with our team getting 8th place. It's not that bad, but i think we deserved better. :/. BUT THATS OKAY. I am perfectly happy with it. And i made so many memories and close relationships. I made new friends, and aquatinted with old friends. It was a fun filled week of long bus rides, free food, crazy cast members, emotions everywhere, sleeping, watching plays ALL DAY, performing, and having awesome conversations. We also ended off the trip by stopping at alexanders, where we grill our own steak. But i decided that i don't like steak very much :/.
So its been since saturday, I came home from school today wishing i was at practice again. It was sad. But then i drank some after school coffee to keep me alive from boredom, and did tons of SCHTUFF. i took pictures, read, painted
 a picture, talked to people, and went places. I didn't know it was possible to do so much in one day... I'm shocked! So here i am now, ending the day blogging because i have figured that i haven't done this in a while! and new update since my last post... my book is on hold now, because i had a great vision and began to write a PLAY. and I'm very excited about it.
Heres a picture that i took today due to my boredom...


Alright so now it's back to finishing the ice storm and lost possibly if I'm still awake. these are the oh happy days. and oh happy nights. 

PS: DID ANYONE SEE THAT STORM TODAY?! it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. i literally was struck by the veiw of my backyard, because it was sunny but pouring. The rain was hitting the ground so gracefully, without thunder. and it lasted about five minutes. The sun came out even brighter afterwards and it gave me some sort of feeling i cannot identify. What a wonderful world. 

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