Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tragedy of an Angel

What do you do,
When you are madly in love with someone
And everything is set for a perfect life,
But before you can kick it off, 
The one you love has to move across the ocean...
With a 1% chance of ever coming back. 
What do you do with the lost love
That is wanted love. 

And I told her,
Fate makes the wind blow in all crazy directions.
Anything can change in a second.
Right now a boulder could be dropped on this ceiling
Causing us to never walk again...
Every time except for once
We are to love, only to be heartbroken.
One day every thing's gonna fall
But the only thing that matters
Is how you are going to sweep up the pieces.
Will you throw them away, 
Or keep them piled forever.
Will you place it on a shelf
Or will you hold it in your pocket
every where you go. 

Let go,
And let the wind take you where it blows
Because no one knows their future
And nothing is set in stone.
Maybe this is a chance
To realize your microscopic scars
that could be healed by the blurs that whizz around your head. 

If only you can see
That everyone suffers.
And being heartbroken is a true emotion.
You are supposed to be happy dear
Because This first-time tragedy
Leaves all the characters
To die

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