Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well I'm sorry
But your heart will be a breakin'
What we've got here is a curse
Where we'll never get our way

So tonight was a bittersweet night. 
... 1 Michael Thomas is my favorite person in the whole world
... 2 Asians are skilled at cooking
... 3 My friends are the best of the best. from east to west :)

... 1 I can't stop thinking of you
... 2 Its sad I'm immune to this feeling
... 3 It just hurts so bad knowing you'll always be the one
sitting on the sidelines, watching the world stop for the ones you love.

i know i know its unexpected and takes time...
but why do you have to get run over in the process? 
this should be easy...

When is it my turn already
this wait better be worthwhile. 

Don't you ever get that feeling that your on the truman show?

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