Saturday, October 18, 2008


So cute. 

So from viewing the life and relationships around me, and really just getting to know all of my guy friends, i have decided what kind of guy is right for me... And i have been thinking of this for a while so i just want to write this down. 
I just want a guy that would lay under the stars with me, and discuss in deep and meaningful conversations about anything. And he would actually ask ME questions, instead of answering his own questions to himself. His interest in me would be my perfect reminder of why i love who i am today. My mind and heart would be so set, that i would never have to worry about him being "stupid" when I'm not there... And when i'm not there, he could enjoy himself without doing dumb things, or sit in the corner only wanting to talk or think about me... as if he could enjoy himself as an individual. Also he would create some work of effort or art into our memories shared together, or his feelings for me. Such as a small little booklet of random inside jokes to look back upon, and to also create a future to excite for. My type of guy also would love the person he is today, and he would mutually "want" me as much as i want him. And he would be creative and artistic, and prove to me money isn't a factor to live a good life. Our Family and friends would be the key... And we could easily spend the best times of our lives watcing tv, or going to chicago. He would be adventurous with me and not want to play WOW all day. He wouldn't be cocky and he would be understanding.

Thats not too much to hope for is it?

Well until then, i'll enjoy what i have. Because I'm happy :)

annd I have given up taking a step to fancy a guy. Is that a bad thing?

Changing the subject here - - - 
so last night stayed out with the girls from the musical and TEEPEED The guy's houses. IT was extremely fun, and my team name was wakawakachoochoo. And then tonight i stayed out and surrand-wrapped someones car. So basically its been two crazy nights in a row... but the bad news with all of this good fun news, is that i think im coming down with something bad. And this is the TWOO WEEKS OF MY LIFE that i can't be sick, because its Techweek for our school musical. IF im sick, i die. A slow and painful death..which i just cant deal with right now. 

oh please dont be sick :( 

and to my friend who i know secretly has a crush on this one person...

go get em tiger

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