Wednesday, October 22, 2008

what is this word... "Drama" ?

Nothing makes me laugh more than someone who claims that there is "SO MUCH drama" when it doesn't seem to be present, and then starts to create drama with people because they think those people are starting drama. And the someone goes and bitches about the other person about how that other person is starting drama.... When REALLY... there is no drama at all.. DRAMA ... DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.... that word is so overrated. REALLY FOLKS... THERES no such thing as drama... it is a state of mind. It only a word that describes someone who freaks out over nothing, and interprets every little thing into something bad.

And you know what makes me feel so good... when that other person who was bitched at doesnt go off and tell the world how the someone bitched at them...

It is really hard to do. 

but accomplished :)

there is no drama here now.

well except for the suffering someone that has a mind revolved around drama. 
i feel bad for those people. 

1 comment:

DoYouFeel said...

hahah like dan said

drama is just a word
like any other word...

it doesnt mean anything until someone puts themselves into a situation and acts stupidly for no reason =]