Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Soooo Its muh birthdayyy. And I am sitting in the computer lab with Matttt. We're in american studies. We are supposed to be working on a webquest but we decided to post a blogg. Boo Puratins!

This is matt. Happy bday alana. YO8ur amazing and every guys wants you!!!!!! This friday you will have sex with *******! He wants you and both of you are hotttt so its all good.

Well thank you matt. haha okayyy sooooooooo today is a good day except for the fact that i cant hear anything, because of my dumb cold. well ttfn. i have to go research more about some quakers and puratin rebels. woohoo!

Oh and this is the class where I think about Mike Racanelli. because he would be so cute with my history teacher ;)

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