Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whipped cream fights and everything shakes!

I love my Job! It weirdly was the one day that i was scared to come into the store because the district manager came today to grade us all on our performance, and knowing how i suck at everything there, i probably would've gotten fired... but luckily he left RIGHT before i came :). The manager wasn't there today so it was just fun fun fun. 
We play this game called "Hide the spoon". its like hot and cold... and it makes time pass quickly.
And then while we were closing, I had a whipped cream fight with my friend mike. it was crazy and now i have whipped cream in my hair. i need to shower. badly. Ah and we also made shakes with every single food item in the store... except for pineapple and espresso, because then it would just be pukeish. but every flavor icecream and every topping. it was um... delicious. i took about hmmm 3 sips and almost threw up. and then we offered it to some pretty cool customers in drive thru. and they actually tried it. hah the guy had to get out of his car to spit it out, but it was just hilarious. since we slacked so bad the whole day we had to stay a whole extra hour to get everything cleaned up :/. but otherwise... it was good
.I love my life.

And even though someone decided to get angry with me again for nooo reason at all today.. i can honestly say I don't care. I've learned a new life of not getting upset at things, because there is  a plus side to even the worst things in the world. and since one of my old friends just needs that constant anger in her life, it'd just be best for this one time to just not care. It's worthless anger that doesn't need to be. so basically, i don't care. and I'm not gonna try to make you un-angry at me, because there is no reason. This problem is dead to me now. I'm way past high school "drama"... drama doesn't even exist... its a state of mind. 

One last thing... Mike's German exchange student arrived today! I am so excited because i LOVE foreign kids. And me and mike made many awesome plans. :)

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