Friday, September 19, 2008

This just proves...

Went to the mall with Jess today, and we decided in our 20's were going to be bums who live in apartments... and live the good life :) We gonn be roommates! :D. Ah so i hate thinking about how my 3 best friends are all moving away to college next year. I Don't know what I am going to do :(.
I've got so much love in me for my besties. 

Okay so i know you read this, so let me just put it out on here...

This just proves that your weak, and I'm strong
This just proves that you didn't change, and never will...
My time has been wasted, and i actually tried to change it all
But you just give no effort... 
Saying you have given effort doesn't mean you did... 
Nothing else is better than proving yourself.
And when i say "Effort"... it's a different kind of effort than you think.
Do you think there's a reason why people don't keep up with you?
Or do you think that every one else is crazy and a "bad person".
Do you HONESTLY think we sit around and "Plot your doom"?
Maybe we don't give effort because there are better things to do,
Then sit around with a friend who wont accept you for who you are
Or just listening to you complaining about your life
It's a waste of time to sit there and watch you be angry and silent, 
because you heard a name. 
Thats what hanging out with you has turned to be, 
because my face reminds you of someone you cant handle thinking about.
I refuse to get in the middle of things, so you give me the silent treatment. 
It's like your expecting me to dig it out of you when you don't want to talk about things.
Okay yeah sure everyone wants attention... but when i don't give you any...
You decide it's so necessary to give me cold looks while passing by.
And then just knowing later you can apologize on how you've been "So stupid"
I'd rather be with friends who look past the stupid stuff and look at real life.
I am living the real life, and the real life is good. 
I feel real love, and I'm sure it feels me too. 

I'm not cold hearted enough to "End" anything..
But since you found this blog
without me even telling you about it...
(Maybe you should stop calling others "creepy".)
You will probably call me out on this... and end it yourself. 
I'm at no loss anymore...
as i said... your anger and issues with me are dead to me now. 

Stop acting like a seventh grader by getting mad at the dumbest things. 

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