Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Happy" birthday to you?

So my birthday is tomorrow as some of you know...
and its not off to a good start.
My wonderful best friend taylor decided to have everyone over at her house to celebrate my seventeen-ness. But GUESS WHAT... I have to work :/
Well i guess it is my fault that i forgot to write it down on my conflicts sheet... but i forgot it was even my birthday. until a few days ago.

And to make it even better... i work friday and saturday too... So celebration just doesn't exist this year :/

But HEY. I really am not a sad or complainsive (just made up a word) person at all... I just have had a week full of series of unfortunate events. sigh. well. I'm so glad that i have my musical cast to look forward as unconditional love and un-endless laughter :) (See... Brightside =D!)

So Happy Birthday to Me (And Christina)
I hope today will be AWESUM!

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